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Set up to inform you about the Dutch Jaw harp culture, this website soon will be transformed into a world-guide for the Jew's harp cultures.


5th International Festival 2006 will be held in The Netherlands

The 5th International J-harp festival will be held in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in July 28th-30th 2006. Hunderds of  j-harp players, professionals as well as amateurs, wil gather for three days to join in concerts, workshops and lectures. The festival will be open for all of you who are interested. It will take place at 'Het Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ', the new Dutch Center for New Music. The Dutch organisation will coöperate with the Board of the International Jew's Harp Organisation. 

For all info, jump to the special festival-website

Ainu woman playing at the 3th International Festival 1998 in Molln (Austria). 

Ainu woman at the 3th International Festival 1998 in Molln (Austria).

!!!! DOUBLE CD-BOX (with informative booklet) !!!!


Master-players of the 20th century jaw harp renaissance, representing the leading J-harp cultures in Asian, European and North American countries gathered at the 3th International Festival 1998 in Molln/Austria. We can offer you a 46 track double-cd box with 2 hours and 18 minutes of the music that was brought on stage during the 9 festival-days. With life-performances of more than thirty of the best J-harp players from all over the world, this double cd gives a unique survey of the various styles. Never before such a colourfull diversity of j-harps playing was recorded. Added to this box is a full colour booklet (as well in english as in german language) of 18 pages with background info and photo's of all the musicians.

Featuring on this double festival cd-box are well known J-harp players as well as important representants from leading cultures.

Price of this double cd-box
: Euro 29 (+ 3 for shipping) / USD 38 (+ 5 for shipping)

For ordering or questions: just mail us: paclax@zeelandnet.nl

Paying is possible by Paypal, by Banktransfer or by sending cash (we will inform you how to handle)

Below photo's of some of the j-harp players featuring on this double cd-box:

(photo’s ©  Henk Postma available on request)

From Baskortostan
Zagretdinov/Vadutoc Photo: © POSTMAPACLAX nomadic
Robert Zagretdinov. Solo and with Rajap Vadutov on accordeon)

Sakha / Yakutia
Marfa Badaeva. Photo: © POSTMAPACLAX
Ivan Alexeyev, Spiridon Shishigin, Marfa Badaeva (also voice) and Kim Borisov.

Dinara Kadyrkulova. Photo: © POSTMAPACLAX
Trio's and duo's with Dinara Kadyrkulova (also on flute and strings), Ainura Arystanova and Rimma Madvarova (flute).

Bolot Bairyshev. Photo: © HenkPOSTMA, mondharp
Bolot Bairyshev (also voice and top-shur).

Leo Tadagawa. Photo: © HenkPOSTMA koukin
Leo Tadagawa, Ainu - women Mukkuri Ensemble, Shigiko Teshi.

Yedil Khusainov

Tran Quang Hai

Duo Ramesh Shotham and Tobias Ott (shruti box, percussion)

Wayne Hankin. Photo: © HenkPostma world music mondharp
Ensembles and solo's of David Holt (also harp, percussion and vocals), Gordon Frazier, Mike Seeger (also banjo and vocals) and Wayne Hankin.

Anton Bruhin with water trump. Photo: © HenkPostma 
guimbarde, munniharppu
Anton Bruhin (also on water trump).

Duo Jocher Hans and Ramona Michael (drum).

Svein Westad. Photo: © POSTMAPACLAX
Anon Egeland and Svein Westad from Norway

Tapani Varis Photo: © Henk Postma munnharpe
Tapani Varis with ensemble, munniharppuuna, fiddle, youhikko, flute, samples).

Duo Phons Bakx and Enno Meyers from The Netherlands

Gunter Arnold/Annelies Brandstatter. Photo: © Henk Postma
Gunter Arnold with Annelies Brandstatter (classic harp), Mittenwaldner Maultrommler.

Duo Manfred Russman and Robert Russman (tuba), Jew's harp ensemble music school.

Alexander Horsch & Aron Szilagyi. Photo: © Henk Postma 
doromb mondharp
Duo Aron Szilagyi and Alexander Horsch (fujura, vocals).

Jerzy Andrusko.

Another cd from the Molln Festival: FREE HARPIN' with the well known festival-harpists improvising in groups, trio's and duets.

 Euro 19 /USD 25    To order: just send us a mail: mailto:paclax@zeelandnet.nl


At the bottom of this website you wil find possibilities to order some high quality jew’s harps from Norway, Germay, Altai, Hungary a.s.o.



CD: DUTCH TRUMP-PIONEER Phons Bakx: A song for the jew’s harp
playing at all tracks with different musicians
A Song for the Jew's Harp: Phons Bakx, Gerard Marinus 
Verkere, Rosilde Vermijs, Enno Meijers. Photo © Henk Postma Ainu
Prof. dr. Fred. Crane (USA) wrote in his VIM6-issue: "A showcase of Phons's outstanding trumping, but much more: a remarkable synthesis of the music and playing of 18 musicians from many parts of the world."
 Mark Poss, webmaster of the Jew's Harp Guild (USA) wrote: "Wonderful variety, informative insert notes, well produced."
Music in European style (folk, medieval, new music, but also influences from Siberia, Indonesia and North-America. Solo, in duets, but mostly in combination with instruments such as clarinet, recorder, bambooflute, reedflute, accordion, percussion, guitar and/or vocals. Featuring Scottish storytellers male and female singers, different j-harp players, and musicians from Indonesia, and the Dutch region Zeeland.
Price euro 15 / USD  19  (shipping included) 


Below you will find a (growing) list of cd's on which the J-harp can be heared, as well in contemporary as in traditional music. You can order this cd's by sending an email to paclax@zeeland net.nl  Paying is possible by Paypal, by Banktransfer, or by sending cash

CD Spiridon Shishigin (Yakoetia) - Soul of Yakutia

(as reviewed in the new VIM magazine)
How do you recognize the greatness of a Shishigin improvisation?

One can appreciate the technical mastery, and also the structure...

Picture the tundra as you listen, or the white horse or the dancing shaman.

As well a joy for music listeners, j-harp lovers, as for meditative purposes. Euro 19 /USD 25


CD Svein Westad and others (Norway) - Munharpass Verden

 (as reviewed in the new VIM magazine)

exemplary record, very cleanly performed and recorded. And beautifully-it's
a cast of world-class players. But Svein is the central character. He plays
munnharpe solos on 13 tracks, mostly traditional tunes in the distinctive
Norwegian style, and is joined by other instruments on five tracks. John
Wright, Trân Quang Hai, and Tadagawa Leo each have several solo tracks, and the last
of the 29 tracks (totaling a generous 73 minutes) is a collective
improvisation by the four stars. Everything is tiptop,

and I particularly recommend this record. Euro 19/ USD 25


mCD  DJ Crack (Germany) - Die Maultrommel  minicd

  (as reviewed in the new VIM magazine)

DJ Crack is evidently a prominent Düsseldorf-based Hip-Hop + R&B + Reggae
group. The record consists of four different mixes (4 to 6 minutes long) of
material that includes a persistently pulsing bass-drum sound, and much of
the time variants and long repetitions of a short trump riff....
euro 8 / USD 12

CD  Opus 111 OPS 30-122. Pierre Hamon, Lucente stella

  (as reviewed in the new VIM magazine) 

Recorder-family instruments played by Hamon are featured in music from the

MIDDLE AGES, 20th-century Japan, and the Navajo. On two of the tracks,

estampies from an Italian manuscript Hamon is joined by John Wright on trump..

Although the melodies are not what would be thought of as trumplike, John evidently
follows them in virtuosic accuracy, as far as can be heard, anyway, as the
trump is much softer than the flute.. euro 21 / USD 28


A diversity of musicians from Yakutia, Kyrgyzstan, Tuva, Bashkortostan and Gorno - Altai, playing 33 (!) tracks (66'03 minutes) of traditional and modern songs and improvisaions. Informative booklet (8 pages) in English language about history, construction and playing in Siberia.  Euro 17 / USD 22

CDr The Karnataka College of Percussion - RIVER YAMUNA (South-India)
According to the specialists one of the best recordings of J-harp playing in South India. With morsingist M. V. Sampathkumar on 9 of the 12 tracks, sometimes in the backfront but often in the front. Remarkable speed and rhythmic precision. Various instruments: percussion as well as vina, violin, bamboo flute and voice. Also a track with a unique morsing trio using J-harps pitched to different keys.  Euro 15 / USD 22

CD Kirsten Braten Berg a.o. - FROM SENEGAL TO SETESDAL (Norway-Senegal)
Musicians from Norway and Senegal with a very fine and interesting cd, using the J-Harp ( munnharpe ) in combination with djembe, kora and voice. Euro 19 / USD 25

CD Dizzy Gillespie and Arturo Sandoval - TO A FINLAND STATION (USA/FINLAND/CUBA)
Dizzy Gillespie playing the J-Harp in JAZZ MUSIC. All night session with Sandoval (trumpet) and Finnish musicians on piano, bass and drums. Euro 16 / USD 21

CD Anton Bruhun and Makigami Koichi - ELECTRIC EEL (SWITSERLAND / JAPAN)
J-Harp and voice. Avant-garde from the Knitting Factory. Bruhin accompanying voice-master Koichi on j-harp and a self build electric (water) jew's harp. Experimental music with a lot of variety. On 2 tracks the Japanese j-harp player Leo Tadagawa is joining. Also a tack with 2 very low-piched Szilyagyi-trumps. Euro 20 / USD 26
CD Manfred Russman a.o. – BRUMMEISEN (Austria)
Classic, Folkmusic, Improvisation and !!! 4 COMPOSITIONS FOR J-HARP FROM THE 19TH CENTURY COMPOSER J. G. ALBRECHTSBERGER (CONCERTINO'S in D). J-harp virtuoso Manfred Russman from Austria with Mollner Maultrommler Ensemble, Anton Bruhin, Chamber Music Ensemble, Viasteiga Schwegler Trio, Herbert Walter. Brummeisen duets, and J-harp accompanied by guitars, kontrabas, harp, violins and cello.  Euro 19 /USD 25
CD  J-Harp players from Europe and Yakutia - MAULTROMMEL MOLLN
European folk-traditionals and improvisations. With two guest-performances of the Yakutian masters Ivan Alexejev and Spiridon Schischikin. Europeans: Hans Jocher (Tirol), Alexander Horsch (hungary), Fritz and Helmut Mayer (Germany), Anton Bruhin (Schweiz), Vazlav Kovarik (Tsjech Republic), Molner Maultrommler/Russman (Austria), Gunter Arnold and Annelies Brandstatter (Germany), Ursula Leitner and Friends (Austria). Euro 20 / USD 26
CD Tapani Varis - Munniharppuuna  FINLAND   euro 19 /USD 25
CD Philippines - Palawan Highlands Music  € 19 / USD 25
CD Tran Quang Hai - jew's harps of the world (Vietnam/World)   € 15 / USD 20
CD Hallgrim Berg & Erik Roine - munnharpa (Norway) € 19 / USD 25
CD Anton Bruhim - trümpi  (Switserland/yakutia/japan))   € 19 / USD 25
CD Thorleiv H & Hallvard Bjorgum – Dolklaren (Norway)  € 18 / USD 24
CD Kirsten Braten Berg & Hallvard Bjorgum -Runarstreng € 18 / USD 24
CD Utom - Summounting the Spirits  (Traditional Philippines)  € 19 / USD 25

I also have other j-harp cd's in stock. Also a lot of different cd’s on which

the jew's harp figures in some of the tracks, variating from modern Scandi-

navian Folk groups like Hedningarna, Garmarna, Tibetan/Mongolian artists

as Sainkho, and the Austrian dance-group Attwenger.





Mind that shipping costs have to be added to the CD-prices

(euro 3/USD 5 for a parcel of 1 up tot 4 cd's)



If you want or order, simply send me an email with your wishes, and I get in

touch with you. You can pay on different manners. I prefer paypal. But you

also can pay by visa cred card, banktransfer, money order or cash. If you

order, please inform me how you want to pay, and I will give you the instruc-

tions needed.


De Gedachtenverdrijver (Thought's Dispeller). By Phons Bakx. Standardwork about the worldwide history of the J-harp. Written in Dutch language, but with a lot of pictures and more than 60 fine drawings of harps and precursors from different parts of the world. Paperback, 170 pages. Euro 15 / USD 20

"... this is a wonderful book. I urge all trump fans to buy it; if you don't read Dutch, take a month or two to learn the language and then savour De Gedachtenverdrijver." Prof. emer. Frederick Crane, USA (VIM 4)


Ordering J-harps

Choosing a good J-harp is not easy. Do you want a high pitch, or a low one? A sharp or a dull sound? J-harps are available in all kind of easures and weights. We sell a lot of different types, imported from excellent j-harp makers in countries as Norway, Hungary, Germany, Siberia, Nepal, Vietnam. Most of this j-harps are available in keys of your choise. Prices range from USD 15 up to USD 100 / Euro 17 up to Euro 110. My stock is changing regularly. Just contact us, if you are interested, and we will sent you detailed info by email. Just send a mail to:



Some of the jaw harps we have in stock for selling. Above: morsing (India) and morchang (Rajasthan). The smallest j-harp is a very special one from Altai (Mongolia). All other types shown are from Hungary. Within a short time more pictures will be added

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